I recently had an abortion. It’s funny that the anti-choice activists outside the clinic were telling me that I’m going to be depressed for the rest of my life, that it’s going to ruin my body, and that I’m going to forever regret my decision, because the worst part was the waiting room (the procedure itself took less than 5 minutes), I’ve had chronic depression since I was 11, and my body has never felt better. I barely remember it - it was really just an annoying situation. During the 8 weeks I was pregnant, I was too sick to do anything, and I could barely eat. My depression was worse than ever, and my body felt like crap. And that was just 8 weeks. 

The pregnancy was also wrecking my mind. As a pre-HRT FTM transgender, I just could not handle even the idea of being pregnant. 

I’m very lucky to live in Canada, where my abortion is covered by healthcare (and anyone of any age can get an abortion - in Alberta at least, no questions asked), and have a fiance who is completely pro-choice (we don’t even want kids).

I just want to let anyone considering an abortion know that the anti-choice people are the worst part of the whole thing, really. Don’t believe anything they tell you - it’s emotional manipulation designed to appeal to what they believe every woman has to have: nurturing and motherhood feelings. I know that getting an abortion is very difficult for anyone who has/had to terminate a wanted pregnancy, and the fact that anti-choicers don’t care about this and want to make it as difficult and terrifying as they can for anyone to get an abortion for any reason appalls me, and I will continue to support and spread women’s reproductive rights as much as I possibly can.

If you’re pregnant and you want an abortion, that’s great!

If you’re pregnant and you don’t want an abortion, that’s great too!

Other people should never be deciding what happens to our bodies, and I bet you anything that if any of these people pushing anti-choice legislation in the USA became women (because most of them are men!) and got pregnant, they’d be rushing as fast as they could to the nearest abortion provider. 

The anti-choice movement is misogynistic, abusive, and oppressive. We cannot let them win. 

Thank you so much for sharing this story.  I’m sure it will resonate with many.